Futuristic Gargoyle Shifter Paranormal Romance


A royal paranormal shifter trilogy for readers who enjoy futuristic billionaire romance with a twist of court intrigue. Strong, competent heroines and fierce, sardonic heroes. Download now because you love high action, high heat, conflict and immersive romance.

A prince, a brilliant scientist, a plot to murder them both. Either half-human Surah cures the Prince, or she will be sold in marriage to a warrior she doesn’t love….

A royal guard, a single mother, danger in the royal court. Bea learns to fight to survive her lover’s war-like world. Royal warrior Nikolau must decide who to protect first—his prince, ro the woman he loves.

A Fae assassin vows to kill the warrior Prince determined to win her heart. . .will his love overcome her thirst for vengeance?

This is a gargoyle shifter urban fantasy paranormal romance series featuring royalty, assassins, strong female leads and plenty of action and adventure. If you love hot alpha men with wings and heroines over 30, download now. Featuring WOC heroines.


Either she cures the Prince, or she is sold in marriage to a warrior she doesn’t love….


Brilliant scientist Surah, the half-human daughter of a royal concubine, endured the scorn of the gargoyle court growing up. She doesn’t care- the only warrior who matters is Malin, and she will cure his genetic disease if it kills her.


It very well may. Enemies at court threaten her life to stop her research- enemies who don’t want Prince Malin to reclaim his throne, or to see her as his mate and Princess. If she fails, he will lose his immortality and be trapped in human form forever… and die.

If she fails, her half-brother will sell her in marriage to the highest bidding warrior. But Malin will kill any warrior in court, winged or no, to prevent them from laying claim to his mate. Especially when she conceives his baby—the true Heir to the gargoyle throne.




A single mom becomes a fighter to survive her lover’s war-like world. A royal warrior sworn to protect the gargoyle Prince wavers in his duty when the woman he loves is threatened.
If he can’t protect them both, one of them may die—the choice between love or duty may cause him to lose everything.



Sir Nikolau has been watching Bea for weeks. Only his declaration to claim her as his mate has put her in danger, and now she’s come to the attention of the enemies who threaten the gargoyle court. They can use Bea as a pawn, and Niko won’t let that happen.



She’ll have to accept his protection, his presence in her home, even if she doesn’t like it. But he plans to ensure she does, and that he wins the fight to claim the right to be her husband.



Bea has never battled anything scarier than a spreadsheet full of formulas. Suddenly entangled in the gargoyle court, she must learn to be a warrior in order to protect herself, her daughter, and to be a worthy mate for the man she’s coming to love.



But will the danger to her life be too much for their fragile new relationship to handle?


A Fae assassin vows to kill the warrior Prince determined to win her heart. . .will his love overcome her thirst for vengeance?


The Mogrens, one of the few remaining pure-blooded gargoyle noble families, want to rule. Ironically, they will use their half-Fae cousin as a weapon to kill Prince Geza.


Moghrenna, raised to be nothing more than a deadly servant, agrees to assassinate the spoiled playboy Geza in return for her freedom, especially after it is revealed he is responsible for the suicide of her beloved mother.



She doesn’t expect to find a Prince embroiled not in war or breaking hearts, but in. . .matchmaking? As she finagles her way into court and earns his trust, she has to make a terrible choice.


Fulfill her oath to her family and betray the Prince, or circumvent the oath binding her and suffer her own execution—by his hand.