Claimed by a royal warrior, Bea discovers the price of true love must be paid in passion and blood.



All Bea wants is to raise her daughter in peace, but a warrior of the Seattle royal gargoyle court has secretly recognized her as his mate. She didn’t realize all those chance meetings were actually. . .the beginning of a courtship.



Super pissed. But the connection is undeniable, and her stern, patient warrior won’t take no for an answer.



Only accepting his passion, and his protection, means accepting his enemies as well—and they’re coming for Bea and Niko both.



If you love intense, broody alpha males with wings, who fight hard and love even harder, you’ll enjoy Stone Guard. Book 2 in the Warriors of Stone series, it is a steamy paranormal shifter romance with a HEA.


The door slid shut silently and Bea took a seat on a backless couch, smoothing her hands down her lap, back ramrod straight. Sitting immediately lowered the confrontation level, but he remained silent until she raised her head to meet his eyes.

“Why, Bea?” he asked. “It’s safer if you leave.”

“Maybe. Not much, I’ll guarantee you. At least not enough to be worth losing a job I love, friends I’ve made, and the life I’m forging for myself here. Plus, I can’t just snap my fingers and sell the townhouse. Fleeing could ruin me financially.”

“Money isn’t a problem.”

She paused, thought about the tone and inflection of his words. “Ben wouldn’t let me leave with Aeezah. He could go to the courts, and they would order me back. If I tried to plead, and they discovered why I was leaving, they could take Aeezah away from me. They might think living with me was unsafe.”

He stared at her, dark eyes narrowed slightly. Sometime during the last several hours he’d forgotten to change clothing, unless all he had in his wardrobe were black shirts and black jeans and ankle boots with a low heel. His skin was pale, flawless, otherworldly over the sculpted bones of his face. He didn’t have Malin’s harsh, exotic beauty, but like all gargoyles his features were exquisitely balanced. She wondered if gargoyle males grew facial hair. She’d never seen so much as a shadow on Prince Malin’s jaw, and not on Niko’s either.

Niko moved forward, crouching down in front of her. “You aren’t going to change your mind, are you?”

“Do you want me to go?”

His lip kicked up at the corner. “That’s a female’s trick question. I want you safe. That’s more important than what I want personally. And Little Bea is too young to defend herself.”

Her fingers brushed his chin. She couldn’t quite help herself, but it wasn’t as if he would flinch away from her. He’d made his attraction plain enough to give her the right for a small, simple touch. And, the closer he came to her, the itchier her fingers became. She wanted to touch, to explore the planes of his face and the strong column of his throat. To feel if the inky darkness of his hair was textured like hers, or silky like Surah’s, so silky she couldn’t even braid it.

He turned his head, pressing lips into her palm. A soft kiss, even more compelling for the fact that she knew he was a predator, maybe even a killer.

“Inexplicable,” he murmured. “That I only first saw you a few weeks ago.”

She pulled her hand away slowly, confused. “We’ve been around each other for two years now.”

“I know. But I didn’t see you. And now—” he paused, voice rough, and stood.

Bea looked up at him. “And now?”

“Court politics ruin lives. I don’t want it to ruin yours. You don’t deserve it.”


“No one does.”

His brows rose. “You’d be surprised.”

“What do you want me to do, Niko?”

He turned on his heel with a curse in the guttural language Malin and Surah sometimes used. Walked to the other side of the room even though it was just a few feet, and stared at the wall. She wondered what, exactly, he was looking at.


He didn’t say anything else, didn’t move. Bea rolled her eyes. “Fine what, Niko?”

He faced her again. She was getting dizzy with all the direction changes. “Fine, stay. But until I’m certain you aren’t being threatened, I’m staying with you.”