On the run from Fae slavers, the best chance of survival is to submit to the Immortal Sorting.

I’ll be claimed by an Orc in exchange for protection. The price? A life of servitude.

But Commander Uther Bachbracht, fearsome warrior with a hidden tenderness only for me, wants more than a concubine; I’m the woman he chooses to be his wife.

My lies may jeopardize our future, but I have no choice but to trust his honor, no chance to rest before enemies find me.

Either I’ll live by my Orc blade, or die by it, and the Commander is willing to kill to protect what he has claimed.

ORC BOUGHT is a standalone steamy orc monster fantasy romance, for readers who like strong, protective, cinnamon roll heroes, bride auctions, pregnancy, post-apocalyptic alternate earth settings, magic and adventure, and morally gray worlds. Features a pragmatic but vulnerable heroine over thirty-five, a diverse cast, and some potentially sensitive content.

If her love is my end, then I’m taking her enemies down with me.


Despite clawing my way up from rags to riches, I’m broken, my bruises soul deep, and the only love language I understand is the heads of my enemies at my feet.


But the Orc warrior who loved and guarded me, I betrayed to survive. When I leave prison, I don’t know if we’ll be enemies, or finally, lovers.


I don’t know if he’ll be dark enough to forgive me, or if he’ll call in the debt I owe and extract payment in blood and flesh.


The fate of our secret baby hangs in the balance of our love and hate, but my Orc isn’t the only enemy I’ve offended, and without Gethen’s protection my son and I won’t make it out of the City alive.


I knew the moment I met Tleia she would end me, but I love her anyway.


Honor, clan, my clean hands, all obliterated in the quest to keep her safe. Anyone who touches her now will die—the days I play by the rules are over. Hands drenched in blood hold my young son, the secret she kept from me in prison.


The dishonor, the broken oaths—my new family is worth it, and it’s time I made my mistakes right.


I don’t regret sacrificing my soul to my dark side to claim and protect the woman and son I love, and with Seanna City’s crime lords on our trail, I’ll prove what I couldn’t before.


That the greatest honor is to fight at her side.


ORC BOUND is a grimdark post-apocalyptic monster romantic fantasy for readers who like morally grey worlds, gritty but vulnerable heroines, protective good boys willing to turn bad for love, and found family. Includes potentially triggering themes.

This standalone ends with a healing, redemptive, HEA.

Second book in the Immortal Sorting series. You do not have to read book one first, but there are mentions of previous characters.

Lord Cythro & Sajena’s story! ETA October 2023.