Renege on a deal with a Dragon Lord and become part of his hoard.

It isn’t easy raising three half-Fae girls in the Outlands. Her youngest gravely injured, Kailigh is forced to petition the dragon Lord Maddugh, King of Coal and Mountain. Only he’s no fool—he knows Kai isn’t quite human. He’s not about to let a mate with magic in her blood slip through his fingers.

So she’ll have to strike a bargain. He’ll save her daughter’s life, and help her hunt the man responsible, but he has a price.

A price he demands Kailigh pay in flesh.


A HALF FAE WITCH: Serephone infiltrates a brothel in the Seattle Dome to hunt the patron who almost killed her sister. . .and winds up imprisoned in a Fae court—and learning of her hidden heritage.

A DRAGON PRINCE: Amnan hasn’t waited centuries to find his mate to let her die on a quest of vengeance. If the Fae court thinks to claim his woman, they’ll have to defeat him first.


A ruthless dragon lord who destroyed Chicago. A woman desperate to end his reign of fire.


A thousand years of sleep. Before that, a thousand years waiting.

But when Alanna walks into dragon shifter Kaspien’s night club, he knows his sentence is over. He’ll claim his mate—even though she’s his assassin.


A mandatory mating selection. A green-eyed forest god who claims her as his mate. But Valeria is torn between the rebellion and her newfound love. Will there be peace or will there be flames?


On the run hiding a powerful relic, Jezamine meets a billionaire dragon with a magical jewel that chooses her as his mate. Fierce dragon shifter Donato is the only person who can protect her from the warlock intent on her demise.


Excerpt from Dragon Blooded. . .

Kaspien fixed his gaze on her, and she cleared her throat. “If this is a bad time, I can leave—”


His lip curled, expression moody as he stared at her. “You made your choice.”


She had. Indeed, she had. Long before he even knew. Kaspien shook his head, striding over to the bar in the corner. He poured himself two fingers of a dark amber liquor, and looked questioningly at Alanna, who nodded.


Alanna sipped at the liquor. It helped slow her racing heart as she considered her next steps. The long knives strapped to her thighs felt like they weighed a million pounds, never letting her forget what she was here for. To kill Kaspien and take back her city. It felt foolish to bring blades to a dragon fight, but bullets just irritated dragons. She had once chance to go for his heart, then rip out his neck.


“I’d tell you there’s nothing to fear,” he said quietly, “but I don’t like to lie either.”


Though he stood on the other side of the room, she wasn’t fooled. Every inch of the man was coiled, a honed weapon.


Power in every atom of his body, contained only by the strength of his will. Seeing him up close, his masculine beauty stunned, especially when underscored by whatever turbulent emotions roiled beneath the surface of his deceptive calm.

Something was bothering him. He hadn’t been this tense on the main floor. Was it because she was now alone in his personal space? Was the thin veneer of civilization peeling off?


She breathed deeply, knowing a dragon must be able to hear her pulse. As she watched Kaspien drink, leaning on the bar, she had a hard time viewing him as a monster. She didn’t see a murderer when she looked into his sapphire eyes. A killer, maybe, but not a murderer.


“What’s put that worried crease on your brow, Alanna?”


Kaspien’s deep voice startled her from her reverie. She set her empty glass on the desk and sauntered over to Kaspien, hips swaying.


His pupils dilated, gaze unblinking. When she reached him, he laid his hands on her hips and pulled her close.


“I apologize for my brothers,” Kaspien said. “Well, for Leif.”


“Drakes will be drakes.”


“Indeed.” His lids lowered, hooding his eyes. “Few women understand the difference between men and drakes.”


She laughed quietly, pressing her body flush to his, and looped her arms loosely around his neck. “Besides the scales, the fire breathing, the flying? What’s to understand?”


He gave her an odd look. Almost assessing, and quite certainly merciless. “We don’t spend most of our time in our dragon forms.”


“It still doesn’t matter. You are what you are.”


Kissing the bronze skin of his throat, Alanna took a second to appreciate his warmth, and how delicious he smelled. He made a small noise in his throat as she worked her mouth up his neck, brushing kisses over his jaw and finally, to his lips.


“Woman.” He grabbed the back of her hair again. “You won’t control me.”


“Then control me.”

Excerpt from Dragon Claimed. . .

Jaecar, and her warming body. She slipped her fingers into his hair as warmth heated to fire, spreading through her body. Her core clenched and suddenly a steel trap of ravenous hunger sprang, clenching her in its jaws.

His gentle, exploratory kiss morphed in a second, his tongue spearing into her mouth as his hard body pressed against her. Suddenly it wasn’t just Jaecar the man, but Jaecar the dragon, kissing her. The intensity of his ruthless focus, the scrape of his teeth as he savagely deepened the kiss.

He tore his head away with a hiss and spun her around so she rested against his chest, his hand sliding down her body and slipping under her leggings. . .evidently he wasn’t messing around.

She made the mistake of twisting her head to look up at him and stilled. Bright, bright eyes stared down at her with a hunger she wasn’t entirely certain was just sexual.
His fingers delved into her curls, spreading her folds and rubbing up and down her slit.
Valeria moaned, eyes fluttering shut.

“Look at me,” he snarled. “You’ll know who is pleasuring you.”

She snapped her lids open as he speared her wet pussy with a single finger. She gasped, lips trembling.

He claimed them again, a growl in the back of his throat as a second finger joined the first. Claiming, plunging. No preliminaries, just an unspoken demand.

Her hips bucked as she rode him, his hard cock nestled in the curve of her ass. He angled inside her, searching for her spot. When she cried out, his lips spread in a savage grin against hers.

His thumb rubbed circles around her clit as his fingers fucked her, breathless speed and dexterity.

She needed more. “More,” she groaned, hardly recognizing her own voice.

His mouth slid from hers, trailing down her neck. He suckled as the pressure inside built and built, then suddenly the orgasm crested. She screamed, legs trembling as waves undulated inside her.   

But it wasn’t enough, and logic no longer ruled her mind. “More,” she said, voice strangled.

“What do you want?” The words were barely intelligible; deep, guttural, nothing human about the voice tearing from his vocal cords.

“You.” His cock, hard and ruthless, plunging into her hot core.

Hands gripped her hair almost painfully. “Be. More. Specific.”

She knew what he wanted. “Your cock. I need you to fuck me. Now.”

Heat rose and rose, eclipsing every other need, almost even the need to breathe. As if with their first physical kiss she’d dropped down a trapdoor, tumbling into a prison of intense need and desire.

How much was her? How much was the so-called bond? Did it even matter?

Teeth grazed her earlobe, breath grazing the inside. Her spine arched as tingles sparked down to her clit, pulsing and on fire.

“I’m going to fuck this hot little pussy,” he growled, “and then I’ll take everything else. We won’t be done until I’ve fucked every inch of you.”