Warrior’s Mate will be live on a secret date in January. Check out this sneak peek and follow the link at the end to find out how to get a FREE copy on the Super Sekrit Launch date.

Excerpt #1…

Gayle stared at him, expression stony. “You said we were married.”

“We are married.”

“What I read is… is…” Words failed her.

“A form of marriage.”

“I’m a sex slave.”

Ithann scowled. “An honored concubine until you produce a child, and then you are automatically-“

“You own me. If I don’t satisfy you sexually, the contract is null and void and I get to go to… to…”

“A training camp for pleasure providers.” He examined his fingernails. “I don’t think that will happen. I’m almost certain you’re a natural.”

She threw her tablet at his head. He ducked, surging to his feet and charging her. Gayle shifted immediately into a defensive stance, teeth bared, and met his attack.

Bring it on.

Explicit Excerpt…

There had only been one thing he could do, and unfortunately for Gayle, they would both have to live with the consequences, whether she liked it or not. He liked it just fine, and planned to take full advantage. Starting with his tongue in her pussy while she bucked under him. Maybe he’d tie her hands down. And her ankles, splayed wide for his pleasure. Clamp her plump tits. But he’d leave the gag- he wanted to hear her scream. Beg him for mercy. Please fuck her, please let her go. Please eat her pussy, please pound his cock inside her, over and over, not stopping until he was slick with her cum. Take her cunt, take her mouth, take her puckered asshole. All three at the same time- he was talented.

Take everything and then take some more.

Fuck. He swore silently, cock swollen and aching. Need raged and for a moment his vision went dark. He’d half risen from his seat before realizing it. On the verge of leaping over the table and dragging her to the floor, taking her where she stood, audience be damned. He’d rut her like a beast while they all watched. Let them watch, know she was his. Spill his seed in her, on her, rub the pheromone rich liquid into her skin, his tattoos crawling over her body to mark her forever.

Ithann’s hands trembled with the effort to stay rational. The urge to mate, to bond, to claim, was almost stronger than he could handle. It wouldn’t be much longer before he snapped. He hoped she didn’t pay the price for his weeks of restraint.

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