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Secret Baby won with 37.8%

Arranged Marriage 31.1%

“Cinderella” 24.4%

Linda H***a said: “I really like a combination of Cinderella and Secret Baby. The Cinderella is down on her luck, maybe being persued by her ex-boyfriend. She and the Billionaire meet while she is working ( a dull boring job waitressing for a caterer). He sticks around until she’s off work. They have a one night stand when she disappears in the morning before he awakens. He only know her first name. Maybe she even runs away when she realizes she is pregnant not because she is running from her ex.”

Stephanie said:Possibly a reversal of roles. Wealthy woman & younger man with great ideas but no money to back them up.” 

J-me said:Please no virgins. So tired of that right now.”  (Emma Alisyn says: :p)


Royalty 31.1%

Businessman 31.1%

Rachel B said: “There’s something inherently hot about a cowboy. And even if he’s a billionaire, he’s likely still down to earth enough to make him a nice guy you’d actually want to be swept off your feet by. A lot of billionaire books it takes a bit to like the guy because he is a bit full of himself and I like the ones where it’s easier to like the guy right out of the gate. “

Katje said:One major dislike I have about the billionaire genre is the lack of equality between the H/h. Would like to see the heroine have more agency and it would be extra frosting if she were able to tip the hero on his ass once in a while.”

Mary Ellen R said: “Hero should not just be rich, but also dangerous: ex-special forces, paranormal enforcer, etc. Heroine should be in trouble & only admits she had his baby because she’s in trouble. Or maybe she’s sick & needs someone to care for the baby.”

Belinda A said:I have a Clark Kent/Superman complex so the nerdier the man, the hotter his alpha side should be. The girls don’t always have to be the nerdy ones nor do they have to be virgins all the time.”


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*cough* Wow. This weeks comments were…heated. (Emma)

I forgot to ask for names to identify this week’s commenters! Sorry. Just shoot me an IM on Facebook.


Not the Heir, but the Spare and a billionaire businessman/philanthropist 30.4%

Secret Prince (In hiding, or is illegitimate, etc) 29%

Reader: I like the hot, nerdy tech mogul types if the details are right. (Emma says, “Hell, yass, mama.”)

Julie Edwards: The heir should be an older sister! Or maybe 2 or 3 older sisters. So he might actually know how to communicate with women. (Emma says, “…snickers. Well, this is fantasy right?”)

Reader: I would love it if he actually had to, y’know, GOVERN, and make difficult decisions, because honestly that NEVER happens in all these prince stories. They’re always swanning about with lots of money/power, but no actual duties. (Emma says,  “Oh Jaysus, don’t get me STARTED! You know I wouldn’t do that to you though, right?”)


Courteous, kind, charming…with an uber alpha side (Clark Kent/Superman) 37.3%

Calm, cool, darkly collected 35.8%

Reader: Can you mix the darkly collected with hot temper? Sort of a doesn’t loose his temper easily, but when he does watch out.  (Emma says, “Why, yes. Yes, I can.”)

Reader: Is snarky and rebellious and can have a hot temper when his buttons are pushed; but is also kind and charming at times. But not overly arrogant.  (Emma says, “That is so HAWT.”)

Reader: OMG, I have a MAJOR thing for Clark Kent/Superman-type men! He should DEFINITELY wear glasses. (Emma says, “Excuse me…I have some Superman fanfic to finish… “)


Reader: Secretly reads or writes romance novels (Emma says, “Maybe he’d learn his way around a…conversation…if he did that.”)

Reader: …I love those heroes who do something really strangely awesome like hybriding orchids or …knitting…or something that you’d think a little old lady would do, but which he does to destress. Bonus points for doilies or the like. (Emma says, “I can totally see the uber alpha male crocheting doilies. Hmm….”)

Reader: White-hat hacker because someone close to him got hacked and it almost ruined their life (Emma says, “I LOVE a sexy nerd with an edge.”)


Successful, real life career 48.5%

BBW 41.2%


Reader: Please, not a virgin…that is so last century. (Emma says, “Can the HERO be a virgin? I’m kinda sick of man-hoes. What woman wants a guy who’s dipped his tallywacker in every single fishing hole? He can read a damn book to get some experience.”)

Reader: Yes, please have her be successful. So tired of the Cinderella trope. And I vote Asian (not Japanese though) because I never see Asian heroines except weird demure Japanese girls. Also, yes, thank you. Any plot that can be solved with one succinct text or email is just a big no. I vote amnesia because I always like amnesia. Perfect scapegoat.   (Emma says, “We can do reverse Cinderella? I really want a heroine who is a SHARK. No damsels,please, unless it’s because she fucked up a hit on a corporate enemy or something.”)

Sheryl Ann: As I’m a single mom, I kinda like those stories. Love it to be more real world. How about a successful single mom of , say, 4 kids. I know it happens, as I am a single mom of 6, thankfully down to 3 at home.  (Emma says, “Former single mom of three here—though now I’m remarried and have a 4th and omg, the potty training…I digress. You know what bugs me? Stories where the women DO have children, but they are always conveniently offscreen. SNORT. Yeah, right.”)


Snarky and Sassy. DGAF. Free spirit who does what she wants, when she wants, but causes no harm. 43.4%

Reader: Definitely the smart, collected sort, but also snarky and sassy on her own time, in her head, so she doesn’t do the usual TSTL comments that you would imagine would have people screaming off with her head.(Emma says,  “I feel your pain, mama.”)

Reader: She is also sassy, witty and very protective of her family. Erica is a computer Geek she is very smart she finish college early and start to work in her uncle company she developed a computer chip that made computers operate faster but the case is smaller and lighter.   (Emma says,  “This could work with her being the CEO of her own company, too.”)

Reader:  Her secret pain is that she was the keeper of others peoples secrets…  (Emma says,  “Yeah, that could produce some major inner turmoil.”)


Reader: Does not want the upright, judgemental and more than moral men her folks keep throwing at her…they are not all so moral as others think…a few are abusers and rapists…she knows where a few of the skeletons are…a school friend who suddenly left because of one/two of them?   (Emma says, “Maybe one of those skeletons comes back to haunt her?”)

Reader:  loves animals, but can’t afford pets. Secret pain/issue – father was from a wealthy family who did not approve of her mother and she and mom were left to struggle on their own. So she does not trust wealthy men and their families.  (Emma says, “Which means she might fall for a guy who seems like a mild mannered, everyday Clark, but is really an under alpha prince in disguise. The lying bastard.”)

Reader:  Sometimes models as the BBW character on romance novel covers to make extra money.  (Emma says, “Why the hell not?”)


Reader: How to connect with people on a more personal level, she’s good at her job just not her personal life.   (Emma says, “Maybe due to the inner turmoil from keeping other people’s secrets?”)

Reader:  Her fear of rejection, mental health issues (so many women have various issues, but they aren’t a common story heroine)  (Emma says, “Postpartum is a big one. There’s still a lot of stigma, especially from other women.”)

Reader:  I know I’m feeding into the stereotype here, but she needs to get her relatives/immediate family off her back about finding a man. Esp after baby comes along. Also she has no memories of her family and stuff so it’s like who are these people and why are they harassing me about this. Bonus points if she’s dealing with amnesia while preggo for maximum angst/hilarity.  (Emma says, “You’re starting to win me over with this amnesia stuff…”)


Reader: He may be in exile but he still has a duty to his country and intends to oust the usurpers. (Emma says, “We like a man of action.”)

Reader: Someone in his company has been stealing money, and he finds out when he takes over the school’s donations. It’d be kind of interesting if it was her ex, and he owed big money or something. (Emma says, “What if SHE is stealing the money? He’d have to punish her…right? Right? *Waggles eyebrows*”)

Reader:  Hero Father wants him to return home… Wants to step down and have his brother become King… Brother who is heir to the thrown is seriously ill (Maybe Leukemia) and may not recover. Hero needs to be tested as a match for a bone marrow transplant for his brother…. Needs to return home to start training to be king if his brother does not make it.. and to assist him ruling during his recovery. He had never wanted to rule and does not want to return home…And his father wants him to marry and produce a heir, as his brother may be sterile after the treatment he has under gone for his leukemia.. He is not ready to get married …  (Emma says, “If he has a life already, this could be a serious issue. Maybe he is already seeing the heroine.”)

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The winning concept with 57.1% is:

CONCEPT B: Duke (Really Exotic Name), an ex-Special Ops commander, is tasked with protecting the life of the King’s secret sister, who by decree of Parliament, is now the Heir. Her identity has been leaked and she is now in danger form the Duke’s younger brother, the leader of an organized crime family who wants to use her to extort valuable information form the King. Or something. 

For those of you who vehemently voted for C…I will write it. But B comes first. :p

CindyF: I like C because how often does a woman kidnapp a guy (who is not “crazy”). The plot sounds different, very interesting, may be she heard of him or knows of him from previous run in. Possibly that hero does not go by his birth name, but nickname.

Katje: B sounds good too! I love the idea of a woman as the heir! Maybe she’ll also actually get to govern or something? Yegads!

Hard to decide between B and C for me. Usually I’d be all over exiled warrior princes who are also tech moguls (A), but honestly I’m not a big fan of the evil Communist concept (even though I’ll admit it totally is real-world-y) just because I know you’ll do good with it, but all the other OMG THE CHINESE ARE GONNA TAKE US OVER AND KILL DEMOCRACY authors have turned me off the idea. Stick a fork in me levels of done. Also, we’ve totally killed democracy on our own if I’m reading the news right. I’m also kinda all over the half-black half-asian assassin daughter, but also meh on the “rich Chinese men and their unwanted bastard daughters” trope. Also also, that’s a hard one to tackle, because so many native Chinese (as opposed to ABCs, y’know) are so vehemently super racist against black people that probably the only way to write that realistically would be to go into dark dark territory and I’m…iffy on that. (pun intended?)

Sharon V: C definitely. A just has to much drama on so many levels. LOL You had me with B. Duke is ex military which is always sexy. Riding in to save the princess. But from his brother? I’m afraid the paranoia of forever looking over my shoulder would come between running the country and having fantastic sex. So I go with C. She runs her own business. Probably comes to work in her six inch Pradas carrying a Gucci bag. No last season for our girl. Then she meets Prince Geek and the realization of his true identity comes home. What’s a girl to do? Nothing says forever like a good old fashioned abduction.